A Good Governance framework, corporate or otherwise, is a conceptual structure and a set of rules that outlines the way in which an organization is managed and controlled. It should be developed for all Governing Bodies to help maximize their potential to perform at an efficient level in pursuit of their objectives. This should be in conformity with their obligations and responsibilities with a view to balance the powers of those members who are chosen to govern, with their primary duty of enhancing the prosperity and viability of the organization. Corporate Governance is a system which is to be followed to avoid scenarios leading to conflict of interest. A check system is essential to ensure that situations of conflict are effectively monitored and controlled.

Legasis Approach

In order to build a sustainable enterprise it is essential to understand the global benchmarks in corporate governance including OECD principles in a practical manner. Legasis focuses on the common sense approach for strategy & regulatory requirements related to corporate governance, global benchmarks & need for implementation of the corporate governance structures through the strong establishment of policies and mechanisms, as well as a continuous monitoring of their proper implementation, by the members of the Governing Body of the organization.


Integrity, fairness, transparency, accountability and responsibility are all core principles that organisations should strive to be guided by. These principles are the basis on which the Corporate Governance foundations of an organisation are laid down.
Legasis is committed to render good governance which is influenced by the following key principles:
  • Transparency & Openness
  • Efficiency and Integrity
  • Stewardship and Leadership
  • Regular Reporting and Monitoring


Legasis has been providing advice and support on corporate governance since 2006 alongside providing expert advice and management of an organisations compliance framework.
Legasis has the capacity to deliver global mandates related to governance given its sector specific knowledge supported by a dedicated team of corporate secretaries and an in-house legal team having worked with over 600 organisations across the globe. Our Governance team has extensively supported multiple board of directors by providing any organisational support for them- both by developing and implementing the processes and practices relied on by the board of directors to assist them in completing their fiduciary duties