The primary objective of an Intellectual Property Right is to empower an individual or an entity to protect their intellect for a limited duration of time. The applications of Intellectual Property Rights are: Patents, Industrial Designs, Trademarks, and Copyrights. About 50,000 patents are filed in India each year, with Indians contributing only 25% of this. On the contrary over 800,000 patents are filed each year in China, of which Chinese contribute almost 80% of it. The contrast is not just the sheer disparity of the numbers between India and China, but also the extent of contribution and participation of the indigenous population in China's patent filling.

Legasis Approach

Legasis believes that, although intellectual properties are intangible & incorporeal assets, when it comes to asset protection, consolidation & security, we treat them at par with corporeal assets.
Legasis understands that intellectual properties are invaluable assets that need a sustained focus, concrete approach & deep understanding of business, legal landscape, & commercial realities. In developing concretizing & consolidating IPR, Legasis focuses on searching, drafting & filling IPRs in such manner that future commercial potential of intellectual properties are preserved & protected.

Legasis Innovation Mission™

Most inventors are unaware of the ‘patent worthiness’ of their innovations / inventions, thereby allowing most inventions to go into the public domain without protection. To address this issue, Legasis has pledged to make India aware about their innovations and about the benefits of protecting their innovations. This is called – Legasis Innovation Mission; which is to ensure that no innovation goes unprotected and no inventor is left unrewarded for their innovations in India.

PPP Philosophy

  • Promote
    Legasis helps clients in promotion of Intellectual Property (Innovation culture)
  • Protect
    Legasis helps clients in protecting their Intellectual Property
  • Profit
    Legasis helps clients in enforcement of their IP